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Top tech talent, on demand.

We get it, hiring tech talent is hard. Traditional recruitment services are stuck in the dark ages, unfair fees, spam messaging, poorly qualified candidates. Sound familiar?

At Haystack we’re on a mission to change tech recruitment forever. Our platform helps you to build your tech employer brand, extending your reach and allowing you to build a bench of amazing techies ready to take the next step with your organisation.

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Building your tech team shouldn’t be rocket science.

Hiring for high quality new additions to your tech team can be time-consuming and difficult. Recruiters send you irrelevant or poorly vetted (and expensive) candidates. Job boards garner reams of indiscriminate CVs and half-hearted applications. 

In fact, in a landscape where tech candidates have become the ones often holding the cards and employers the ones often needing to impress, there has been remarkably little change to the recruitment services available to employers.  

Introducing the Haystack employer platform

Your Haystack profile displays tech insights and company data snippets based on the information you provide. Interested techies can uncover everything you want to display about your stack, culture and vibe, making sure candidate experience is at the heart of a streamlined hiring process. 


Looking for a proactive solution? 

We’ve got you covered. Haystack’s talent advocacy service uses our smart matching algorithm to deliver pre-vetted, fully qualified tech talent right to your doorstep. Our technology filters out the noise and delivers you candidates matched specifically to your company requirements. After that, how you proceed is up to you. We don’t micromanage the interaction at all and we only help facilitate it if you want us to. 

Access to talent pools

24/7 Access to talent pools. 

Intelligent, intuitive matching

Matching that uncovers, highlights and curates the techies that best suit your company requirements.

Metrics that matter

Real metrics that allow you to track your employer performance and improve how candidates view your employer brand.

A flexible solution

A long a short term solution. Haystack is with you every step of the way. 

Metrics and analytics for every stage of the hiring process.

We don’t hoard information or keep anything a secret. Our platform and process are completely transparent and give you the tools to do things your way and the information you need to improve your chances of attracting the right people to your roles.

Here are some of the analytics we provide right from the start:

Your talent pool

Keep tabs on the number of techies in your talent pool and the percentage changes over previous months. Ensure that you are always building your bench.

Profile visitors

See how many candidates are viewing your company page and how your popularity is growing and changing over time.

Job listing stats

Stay on top of activity on your active job roles. See views, interest, favourites and compare how each is performing.

Profile tips

We’re always adding more capacity to your profile to allow you to show off your company. We let you know which bits need some work to attract more candidates.

Frequently asked questions

What is Haystack?

Haystack is a data insights platform that allows you to enhance your employer brand, showcase all of the interesting stuff you’re working on and build your tech teams.

Is this just another recruitment tool?
Haystack is much more than just finding someone to fill a role. We provide employers with data insights to have a full view of the market and match tech talent with your company based on their values and skills.
But what if we already have a proven recruitment process?
Great. We won’t get in the way of that at all. All of your interviewing, vetting and competency checks are still fully in your control. Haystack simply bridges the gap between you and the outstanding candidates who want to work with you. 
How do you verify the quality of the techies?
Haystack only shows you people who fit your company’s values and culture. Our Haystack Rating will show both parties how good of a match they are for each other meaning you will only see candidates who will flourish in the role. Any profile that becomes visible on your employer portal will have been screened by Haystack.
How does it work?
We have already created your profile and curated the information we hold to highlight some of the cool stuff you’re doing. We have also posted the live jobs we think you have so you can attract top tech talent. However, in order to maximise the power of the platform we encourage you to take ownership of your own profile so that the tech community has the full picture of just how brilliant you are!
And you're not just another recruiter?

No. We aren’t just putting a shiny front on something tired. We are a new platform designed to reflect how tech talent takes decisions over where to use their skills. We don’t go around poaching people from other companies just to make up the numbers.

How do I receive applications?
You can encourage people to apply via your existing channels or we can make their profile visible to you on your employer portal.
How do you find them?
Haystack runs non-intrusive, non-poaching marketing to attract the best talent to join the platform. As we are specifically targeted at the tech sector, we are able to attract high quality talent to be part of our community. We also have a strong pipeline of referrals from individuals we trust.