Our values, culture and career opportunities

Hi, we’re Haystack 👋

Our values, culture and career opportunities

Hi, we’re Haystack 👋

We’re building the best job search experience out there. 

At Haystack, we provide insights on companies such as its’ tech stack, engineering standards, culture and more. We showcase but also embody great values ourselves. 


Our Values

We’ve built the Haystack team on a foundation of solid values and ethics. Our environment is relaxed and enthusiastic; informal and methodical; anti-corporate and highly driven.


Our People

Our people have a curiosity for all things tech and are driven by making an impact each day. The Haystack team all bring their own personality and creativity into the dynamic of our company.


Our Structure

We’re enthusiastic and ambitious as hell. The only thing flat about us is our company structure. We give everyone responsibility and don’t waste time and energy on micromanagement.


Our Vision

Tech recruitment is stuck in the dark ages. But it doesn’t need to be. The reality of today is that techies hold all the cards. It’s time for a better way to do things.  


Our Benefits

Besides our impressive array of freshly watered office plants, we provide generous holidays, social events and all the digital equipment that you need to excel in your role. We also have an office dog. 🐶


Our Experience

A combination of decades of experience in recruitment, a strong foundation in technology and our enthusiastic, ambitious nature creating an environment rife for success.

Active roles with Haystack

We’re looking for ambitious people to join our team.

Active Roles

We’re looking to expand our team. Do you fit any of our open roles?


Can’t see anything for you?

Whether, there is an active role for you currently or not, feel free to get in touch. Submit your CV directly to us. We read all CVs we receive.

“At Haystack you really are a valued member of the team, no matter your level of seniority or experience. There’s a real sense that everyone is in it together. Everyone is always eager to listen and constantly learn – a real culture gem that’s hard to curate.”

– Alice, Digital Marketing Executive

“At Haystack, every day is exciting. We’re autonomous, hard-working and driven by a uniform vision and goal. It’s a breath of fresh air to come to the office and know that you’re working on something meaningful, with a team of hugely supportive and ambitious people alongside you!”

– Mike, Co-Founder and COO

As my first job coming out of uni, Haystack has been amazing. A huge part of that is thanks to the culture that has been created here. It’s definitely a place you feel included, where your questions & suggestions of what works best are genuinely encouraged. I would describe Haystack as chilled out and open-minded, whilst being full of team drive and ambition. Most importantly – any team win is celebrated :beers:

– Harriet, Talent Experience Executive

Haystack’s openness to new ideas, no matter your level of experience is what stuck out to me from day one. It’s extremely motivating to actually be heard within an organisation!

– Charlie, Business Development Lead

It’s great to see the team growing and see the momentum build as we all contribute to the development of the company and to each other. Everyone adds their own personal flare and perspective, and it’s exciting to see where the team can take it in the coming months and years.

– Rob, Co-Founder and CTO

Our own Haystack

A glimpse at our tech

We provide a host of tech insights on many different companies so it’s only fair we show you our own. We’re primarily a tech company, so our tech opportunity rating and tech-to-muggle ratio reflects this.

Interested in seeing our full Haystack profile? Log into the Haystack app to find us, along with lots of other fantastic companies.

In addition, our culture is something we’re proud of and value extremely highly. We’ve put together a culture deck for you to get more of a glimpse into what we’re all about.