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It’s undeniable that there will be a lot of change for techies looking for a job in the post-Coronavirus world. But it’s not all doom and gloom – there are reasons to be optimistic.

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the job market upside-down, in tech and almost every other sector. A surge in redundancies, with more on the horizon when the furlough scheme ends, has suddenly made the market much more crowded. We’ve seen companies freeze hiring and cancel graduate schemes. In certain industries, if you’re looking for a new role right now, you’re probably finding it a huge challenge.

However, there are reasons to be optimistic. If you’re in tech, you’re in one of the most pandemic-proof sectors. Tech is solving many of the problems the post-Corona world poses. There is also an exciting new solution to help skilled techies get ahead in the job market. 

Growth areas in tech

Despite (or even because of) the pandemic, certain areas of the tech industry are booming. Their growth depends on a steady pipeline of skilled people coming in and doing great work. In 2021, we expect this to continue.

Here are five areas of tech that are seeing growth, which will continue well past 2021:

  • AI/machine learning – automation that takes repetitive tasks out of the hands of humans has taken great strides over the last five years, with no signs of stopping
  • Data – AI needs data to help it improve, while companies rely on data to aid decision-making. Great data scientists and analysts are increasingly desired by companies
  • Software engineering – If you can code software that makes people’s lives better, makes money or saves money, you will always be sought after
  • Web development – The pandemic has meant that we can live even more of our lives online. Companies need skilled programmers to serve this ever-growing audience
  • DevOps – If you have the skills to bridge the gap between developers and operations, this is a particular set of skills and the need for them is set for growth

Impact of remote work

At the time this article is written, there is no sign of everyone returning to their offices or workplaces anytime soon – certainly not unless it is essential. Experts predict that this situation will continue long into 2021.

Remote working becoming the ‘new normal’ will have a drastic impact on the tech job market – all positive.

Firstly, like our examples above, there are areas of tech that are finding growth as a result of remote work:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Video software
  • Communications tools

If you have the skills to work in those areas, there will be companies hiring.

Secondly, being able to work remotely opens up a whole new world of job opportunities. Now, you don’t necessarily have to live in London to work for a London-based tech company. You could base yourself in Devon, for example, and get a job at a Silicon Roundabout startup. What’s stopping you getting a job in Silicon Valley if you have the skills?

The skills gap

Over 70% of tech companies in the UK struggle to find people with the right skills when hiring. Even though there are more than 100,000 students studying computer science at university, this is not enough for the demands of the UK tech industry right now. This skills gap may even grow in 2021, as we do not know yet how they can hire in skills from overseas in the aftermath of Brexit.

Children as young as seven are learning the basics of coding, but this will take many years to filter through to the job market. There is also a lack of women joining the industry – a knock-on effect of ‘bro culture’ and a struggle to be accepted. 

This is terrible news for tech companies, but good news if you are a techie with the right skills. You are in a prime position to take advantage. If you are a high-calibre candidate, you hold the cards.

Pace of change

Of course, it’s hard to make predictions when things change so quickly. Even at the start of 2020, no one would have predicted the situation we find ourselves in today. 

However, the kind of predictions experts were making back in 2016, that software developers, systems analysts and other tech professions would be in demand as we move into 2021, still hold today. 

The world is only moving in one direction – towards technology. The pandemic may be a setback, but it does not alter the direction of travel.

There are many reasons for look should look on the bright side, even if times are hard right now. Plus, Haystack is here to help.

Introducing Haystack

If you’re a tech company looking for great talent, you can trust Haystack to find it.

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Haystack lets you show potential hires the things they really want to know about your company – tech stack, engineering practices, culture, perks and more. Our AI-powered matching algorithm links you to the right people, where you can chat and converse further.

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