Our team and culture

Hello, we’re Haystack 👋

Find out more and meet the team.

Our team and culture

Hello, we’re Haystack 👋

Find out more and meet the team.

Being the needle in the Haystack.

In our platform we uncover and highlight the companies that are great to work for. But it doesn’t mean much if we’re not embodying those values ourselves.


Our Values

We’re early in our journey and have the freedom to build the type of company we want ourselves to be. Our team environment is relaxed and enthusiastic; informal and methodical; anti-corporate and highly driven. How do you fit?


Our People

Our favourite people have a penchant for technology and want to make an impact in their role. Team members can freely contribute their own flavour and personality to our new culture and the internal dynamic of our company.


Our Structure

We’re enthusiastic, ambitious and raring to disrupt our industry. The only thing flat about us is our company structure. We give everyone responsibility and don’t waste time and energy on micromanagement.


Our Vision

Tech recruitment is stuck in the dark ages. With the number of tech opportunities available, there really is no excuse for anything less than great. It’s time to change the landscape to bring the most interesting work to the most interested techies, and we’d like your help to do it.


Our Benefits

Besides our impressive array of freshly watered office plants, we provide generous holidays, social events and all the digital equipment that you need for your role. We also have an office dog 🐶


Our Experience

What do you get when you combine decades of experience in recruitment, a proven track record in building businesses and a strong foundation in technology? …. Us!

Our own Haystack

A glimpse at our tech

We give a host of tech information on many different companies so it’s only fair we show you our own. We’re primarily a tech company, and even most of those not in our dev team are techies at heart. Our tech opportunity rating and tech-to-muggle ratio reflect this.

Interested in seeing our full Haystack profile? Log into the Haystack app to find us, along with loads of other fantastic companies, and check us out.

In addition to our tech, our company culture is something we value extremely highly. We’ve put together a culture deck for you to get more of a glimpse into what we’re like.