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Ray Blair
Lead Software Engineer
“I would 100% recommend Haystack. When I’ve been talking to people who are looking for new roles, I’ve said to download Haystack.”
Pavilion Sahota
Java Developer
"This app is honestly the future of job hunting. The team behind the app is equally as fantastic, always proactively searching for the right role for you."
Panos Mita
Software Engineer
“I didn’t know about EPAM until I downloaded the Haystack app, they weren’t on my radar. Overall I had a great experience with Haystack.”
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On-demand sourcing
Need a techie tomorrow? Source tech talent today from our engaged network.
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Turbocharged advertising
Advertise on Haystack—we’ll match your roles to the best suited tech talent.
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Always on tech recruitment —build a pool of techies interested in your business.
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See how Haystack helps employers find, engage and hire Java Developers.
“The platform is sleek, simple, and does a lot of work for me when finding and assessing candidates. Haystack is by far the best performing job board for technical roles we've used so far. It's cheaper, easier to use, and is giving us better results.”
Technical Lead, BYP Network
John Kershaw
“Haystack is easy to use and provided us with access to a number of great candidates. A fresh take on classic 'recruitment' which is welcomed in todays day and age. Highly recommend giving Haystack a go. A good product with a great team behind it.”
Co-founder / CTO, RotaCloud
David Brandon
"Our people drive the business and everything we do is designed to make them feel valued and comfortable at work. We manage to maintain an industry leading retention rate because of our culture and technology. Haystack allows us to showcase our fantastic offering to techies in a whole new way."
People Manager, Bede Gaming
Andy Thompson
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Source your next tech hire today. 1000s of Haystack users are searching for opportunities to work with JavaScript, Python, AWS, Docker, Java and much more.
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With no profile required—Haystack finder is perfect for businesses in a rush, who need a techie today.
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Haystack isn’t a CV library, it’s a community of techies, actively looking for new opportunities.
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Tap into an exclusive user base of hard to find tech talent and specialists.
Discover unseen techies
Discover techies who’ve turned their backs on traditional recruitment platforms.
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Showcase your business and roles to thousands of highly engaged Developers, UX/UI Designers, QA Testers and DevOps Engineers.
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Intelligent matching
Haystack optimises your listings so the best suited tech talent, with relevant skills and tech stacks see them first.
When time is of the essence, turbocharge your listings with social content, homepage sponsorship and push notifications.
For techies, by techies
Drive results and start building interest where your audience actually hang out.
Be seen
Your listings will only be seen by candidates in the UK, ready and able to work for your business.
Talent pool
Future proof your recruitment —build a pool of techies interested in your business.
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Fill your pipeline
Gone are the days of cold outreach—build a pool of candidates interested in your business—and reach out when opportunities open up.
Build your tech brand
Your tech employer brand, front and centre, 24/7—showcase your tech stack, engineering practices, company culture and much more.
Future proof recruitment
Talent pools are an always on solution that prepares you for the long term— mitigate your next hiring surge by tapping into your Haystack Talent Pool.
Candidate experience
Techies are hastled by recruiters daily. Talent pools improve the candidate experience and ensure the techies you contact are interested in your business.
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