Learn more about Haystack

For techies


1. What is Haystack?

Haystack is where techies discover opportunities. The app has been created specifically for people working in data, design and engineering to browse opportunities and employers. You can also apply to roles, and join talent pools. But don’t worry – you’re completely anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

2. How does it work?

First step is to download the app and create a profile! We ask you questions so we can provide you the best matching possible. The app will show you a list of companies and opportunities that would be a great fit for you based on your interests, values, tech stack, scale, location, and many more. 

3. Will the jobs I see be relevant to me?

We provide matches based on the information you provide and the data we have. You will see the most relevant matches first. We don’t like promoted posts and we won’t spam you with unsuitable opportunities – we also won’t show you to your own employer ever (unless you really want us to).

4. Am I being shown jobs because an employer has paid to be at the top?

There is no paid promotion on Haystack. You will see an unfiltered view of the opportunities that match your profile.

5. Do I have access to the entire jobs market or just those with companies who have paid to be on Haystack?

We want you to see all your options out there, so every live position on the market is on our app for you to discover.

6. How do I apply if I see a job I like?

Easily! You can either make your profile visible to the employer by joining their talent pool then they can apply to you. Or, we can provide you with the information you need to apply yourself.

7. Is Haystack only for jobseekers?

No. Whether you’re actively looking for a new opportunity or just browsing companies’ insights, you’re welcome to the app! You’ll remain anonymous until you tell us otherwise.

8. What types of open jobs are posted on Haystack?

All roles that make a product team, so developers, product owners, UI/UX, quality assurance and all management roles in those areas right up to executive level.

9. Are you operating in all regions of the UK?

That’s the plan, but we need to walk before we run, so for now our focus is on certain regions. So, this may be why you aren’t currently shown a tonne of opportunities where you are! But stick with it – we’re coming soon.

10. Do I need to pay a fee to use Haystack?

Haystack is a completely free service for techies.

For employers


1. What is Haystack?

Haystack is where techies discover opportunities. It’s a completely unbiased marketplace providing a level playing field for employers, no matter the size and scale. Haystack is a proactive, long-term solution for employers to expand tech talent reach, as well as building future talent pools of engaged techies.

2. How does it work?

We have already created your profile and uploaded some information such as any live opportunities, so you can gain exposure to top tech talent. But in order to maximise the power of the marketplace, we encourage you to take ownership of your own profile. By doing this, you own the information and are able to update it as you please, highlighting some of the really cool things you’re doing to our audience.

3. Is this just another recruitment tool?

Haystack is more than just another way to find someone to fill a role. We provide employers with a range of data insights, and we match tech talent with your company based on their values and skills.

4. And you’re not just another recruiter?

Not at all. We’re a marketplace designed to better reflect how techies make decisions about opportunities, giving them all the information up front. We don’t poach people from other companies, our audience is actively engaged.

5. But we already have a proven recruitment process?

We won’t get in the way of that. All of your interviewing, vetting and competency checks are still fully in your control. Haystack just helps bridge the gap between you and tech talent.

6. How do you verify the quality of the techies?

Haystack only shows you people who fit your company’s values and culture. Our Haystack matching criteria will show both parties how well suited they are, meaning you will only see talent who will flourish in the role.

7. How do you find them?

Haystack runs non-intrusive, non-poaching marketing to attract top talent to join the app.